Tracey is more than a mentor she is a friend. When you sit next to her you immediately feel comfortable around her. She is a successful coach for two reasons she is a great listener and she is not afraid to ask the tough questions. There are very few people who know how to really listen. She makes you feel heard. She knows which questions to ask to get you thinking. She was helpful in getting my thoughts straight. A safe place to bounce ideas off of. She allows you to make you own decisions that are right for you and peppers it with sound advice to help you on your way. She is funny, personable and kind. She sees things in you that you may not be able to see for yourself and she nurtures that. She is refreshing. She has an in-depth knowledge of Social-Psychology, Interpersonal Relationships and Communication and Human Behaviour. Whether you read her book or hire her as a coach, she is a great person to have in your corner and knows how to gain the results you desire.

Amanda Edwards

Business Grad

I have had the pleasure to observe the elements of “The Empowered Mindset” first hand.  Tracey’s lessons have touched my heart and mind on several occasions as I hope they touch yours plus give you the strength and courage to make a positive change in your own life.

Jeff Adamson

Global Health, Safety & Environmental Programs Director

Through Tracey’s teaching and coaching I have not only learned my self worth, but I have learned the capability in which I can live life. She has contributed to my self growth throughout these past few years- I’m excited to keep growing and learning from everything she has taught me and continues to teach me. Coming from the most caring and genuine place possible, Tracey has a special way of empowering the mind to live the best life possible no matter what you’ve been faced with!

Emily Roote

Marketing and Social Media Advisor

Tracey’s coaching and courses served me well in my career. She is wise, genuine, passionate and very honest-it is a pleasure to have learned from her! 

Che Cleland

Father of 3 lifelong student, Social Work Field.

Tracey’s book allowed me to reflect on who I am as person and how each one of my actions can impact my overall well-being. The insights were clear and easy to comprehend, which allowed me to immediately incorporate the positive messages into my everyday life. Being someone who has recently shifted my life for a more lucrative career path, it is easy to become distracted with negative thoughts of doubts and regret and feel unbalanced. Tracey’s book reminded me of my goals and brought me back to a more centered state of mind.

Carly Burns

B.A. Healthcare

As part of the human condition, we all deal with challenging circumstances and crises that can change the course of our lives. For some of us, it has a greater negative impact than others. Tracey’s strategies for dealing with circumstances outside of your control can help you find peace of mind as you realize you are in control of your own happiness!

Andy Doak

President and CEO

Tracey McGruthers life coaching has been indispensable in my personal and professional life. Where I was self-conscious and apprehensive in life before, I feel empowered and focused in the direction I am headed, ready for each day with a positive outlook. 

C. Thomson

Client since 2013

Success takes effort, but in that journey, we encounter a bump or two that make us re-evaluate where we are headed. Tracey’s approaches help us to see those bumps as ways to grow instead of obstacles keeping us from moving forward. Her book helps you see the world in a different light and I loved it!

Jill Dunlop


With practical insight, Tracey delves into how we make the challenges of life work for us by sharing tactics that she used throughout her life. Her writing and speaking grips you, while being relatable. You feel she understands what you are going through, because she has been there! No matter what change you are dealing with, Tracey’s strategies worked for me and can work for you!

Christina Foss

Private Investigator